Firmware Updates

WARNING Do not use any firmware update that was not specifically made for your device or it will malfunction. Contact with any questions that you may have.
Instructional video on how to update your mods!

Step 1) Download Updater Program
DOWNLOAD HERE and open PC only. (Not for Mac)
Step 2) Download Latest Firmware

Step 3) Remove Battery, Press and hold the fire button as you insert the data cable. Download mode will be prompted on your mod

Step 4) ON YOUR PC - Click the button - Connect Device , Click File and select the firmware
Step 5) UPGRADE firmware to device. Finished!


Make sure your mod is up to date with the latest firmware. To update your device, you must first download the Upgrading tool. The upgrade tool can be DOWNLOAD HERE. This tool can only be used in Windows and will not work on iOS systems.


V2.3: Lustro Latest Firmware available for Download here.

: Lustro Latest Firmware available for Download here.


V36: This firmware file updates the TFR and TCR of the device. Download here.

V38: This firmware file retains the real-time resistance reading but increases the processing speed of the chip. Download here.

V39: Due to popular demand, we have released a firmware file that hides the true value of a resistance that is read. When an atomizer is read, it will ask you if it is a new atomizer and once you select "YES", the resistance will lock to the device. We do not recommend this firmware file, as it hides the true value of the resistance of your atomizer, but if you are using stainless steel wires, (which resistances naturally fluctuate drastically based on heat) then this is the firmware for you. Download here

V40: Due to the convenience of the "pressing the screen 3 times" to unlock and "clicking the firing button 3 times" to lock the device functions we have implemented on our Colossal, we have released a firmware file that gives the ability to a Minikin 2. This function needs to be enabled by entering the menu and selecting the lock option and changing it before it is active. To unlock the screen in this mode the screen will needed to be touched three times in quick succession. We've also added display of firing modes (Soft, Normal, and Hard) as well as a lock icon on the screen. This firmware also asks the user if the batteries are married. TFR has been removed from this firmware simply because we added so many features to this firmware that the chipset ran out of usable memory. Download here


V13: Original stock firmware for the Reborn 168W model. Download here

V14: Boosts the Reborn to 190 watts and some bug fixes from the 168W model. Download here


This file reverts the Oni 133 back to 18650 sized battery mode. Download here.


This file reverts the Oni 167 back to 18650 sized battery mode. Download here.


V13: Allows the Colossal and the Spruzza to be optionally unlocked with three touches of the screen and its new programming boosts battery life by reducing the amount of energy consumed by the device. Download here.

V16: The new and improved firmware for the Colossal and Spruzza. This firmware retains the function of having the option to chose how to unlock your device. Version 16 Improves the speed of switching firing modes and overall performance. Download here.


Download here

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